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         The most important strengths and weaknesses in the Faculty of Law


The existence of a specific policy regarding the curriculum by its scientific controls and size and printing and facilitate circulation through the University Book Distribution Center.

The existence of distinguished elite of faculty members who have received scientific awards accredited locally and regionally, in support of scientific research.

Support students' participation in community-based problem solving

The virtual court way to connect the theoretical study with practical reality.

Experience in the field of training students and organizing training courses in the field of legal work through the Center to develop the skills of students and graduates of the college, to contribute to meet the needs of the community.

Effective partnerships between the College and a law school in France to support the French language program.

Existence of distinguished programs for the care and support of international students for the development of the faculty's own resources.

Leadership committed to strategic thinking, governance principles and quality systems support.


قاعدة بيانات بالهيئات والمؤسسات الدولية والمحلية التى تتعاون معها كلية الحقوق - جامعة بنها  :

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